No… BMJ study does not show air pollution causes asthma in kids

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More dishonest statistical analysis of bogus data with no biological plausibility.

So many problems. So little patience. But here are some:

  • Zero correlation results manipulated by sample size and other tricks into bogus noise-range statistical associations.
  • No actual exposure data. Just local outdoor air quality reading proxies. No indoor air quality data.
  • No biological plausibility. It is merely assumed that stuff in the air causes asthma. Childhood asthma is of unknown origin.
  • Asthma is an allergic reaction. The only thing in the air that might trigger an allergic response is pollen, dust or mold — none of which were considered in this study. Nothing that comes out of a smokestack or tailpipe is an allergen.
  • Study authors want to blame air pollution but couldn’t even fake an association for the elemental carbon that comes out of smokestacks and tailpipes.
  • No clinical study in which humans were exposed to air pollutants has ever triggered an asthmatic reaction.

This is just more air quality fraud.

Full study is here.


August 20, 2020 at 09:10AM