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Tree Lines Creeping Back Up In Rockies

By Paul Homewood

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Brave pioneers trekked through unknown parts of the Canadian Rockies a century ago to take photographs of the region and build the area’s first topographical maps.

Fast forward to present day and scientists are using these timeless pictures to understand how much of the landscape has evolved over the past 100 years.

The team replicated different scenes to create exact comparisons of images taken by the early mountaineers, revealing an upward creep in tree line and increased forest density – both of which are a result of climate change.

Shots of mountains in Alberta show a dramatic change in snow on the peak and tree lines on the slope, while a hilltop in the Crowsnest Forest Reserve reveals an increase in vegetation  than what was present 77 years ago.

Climate science has now become utterly corrupt.

Any competent scientist would know that tree lines in the Rockies have been dropping for centuries, with the last particularly precipitate decline during the Little Ice Age.

HH Lamb included this chart in his book, “Climate, History and the Modern World”:


Fortunately the world has warmed up slightly since the 19thC, but tree lines are still much lower than in the past.

So are the authors of this latest study corrupt or simply incompetent?


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How about a nasal spray of Nanobodies, smaller faster and cheaper than antibodies?

 The “Aeronabs” are on the way?

Right now there are more biomedical research teams focused on one problem than at any point in history, and they are armed. This is Biotech’s Big Moment, and here’s just another potential game changer. The time line here is short, and the ability to scale it is large. The seige of 2020 will end one way or another, and we will gain a whole set of tools to use on other viruses too.

If the virus has a key to get into our cells, this is like making millions of decoy locks that stick to the keys and thus disable them.

What if we could coat our lungs with tiny particles that work like PPE against coronavirus? The aim here is that one nasal spray a day might stop the virus getting entry into our cells. At the moment, one team have this working in the lab already. They’ve created a kind of cut down mini antibody, and at this stage it sticks like glue to the viral spikes. It still needs to be tested in humans, and might yet fall in a hole. But it’s another example of the potential contained in […]Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)

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The dark side of California – the sunshine state

Our resident cartoonist Josh has come up with a political cartoon response to the “rolling blackouts” in California. For some background, see these two WUWT posts: CAISO President:

California Power Grid teetering close to the edge of collapse and In CAISO Emergency Break Glass Like his work? Buy him a pint.

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“Historical cold and snow event” warnings for for South American

“Antarctic air” will advance over a large part of Argentina and reach parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru and even Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, forecast warns.

17 Aug 2020 – The Brazilian meteorology company MetSul warned this Sunday that a “very intense” polar air mass will reach half of the Brazilian territory and a large part of South American countries, such as Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, from the Litoral, NOA and Center of the country, including Buenos Aires. “The event has the potential to be a historical record of cold and snow,” they warned.

The forecast indicates that an “Antarctic air” will advance over a large part of Argentina and will reach extensions of Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru and even Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

The report released by MetSul also warns of intensity of “snow in Uruguay, as well as in Argentina near Buenos Aires, in the provinces of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos.”

It will also cover most of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, among other Brazilian states. “Almost every year there are strong cold air masses in southern Brazil, but they will be exceptionally strong and wide during the second half of August.

Uruguay below zero

INUMET, the Uruguayan meteorological service, published its weather outlook until August 22 and again announced minimum temperatures below zero this week.

North of the Negro River, a drop in temperatures is expected towards Friday, August 21, reaching lows between -5 ° C and -2 ° C and maximums between 11 ° C and 14 ° C until August 22nd.

“The polar wave will enter through Argentina”

MetSul Meteorology indicated that the intense polar air mass, which will reach practically half of the Brazilian territory and much of South America this week with the potential to be a historic cold and snow event, “will advance through Argentina and reach the south, midwest, southeast and part of northern Brazil through its continental trajectory, as well as Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru and even Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.×391.jpg

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