Please watch my left hand and not my right

“Cuz AOC is the great and powerful Oz.”

Please watch my left hand and not my right

Benito Lorez

The “global warming” farce didn’t work so they pulled the coronavirus routine out to keep the fear going. Anyone notice since 9/11 the leftist fearmongering has been constant? I strongly suspect that COVID-19 has been around for awhile and likely the majority of humans have it and have had it for a long, long time. And as noted above the coronavirus is hyped up and meanwhile nothing is said about the REAL climate change taking place before our eyes (ie: return of the ice). Yes many people will be mad when they realize the real threat and, sadly, MANY will die due to lack of preparation.

I glanced at the USGS earthquake map this morning and I was SHOCKED! I’ve never seen so many quakes on the map in a single day of magnitude 2.4 or above.

Oh, one last thing. Last winter a satellite filmed smoke coming out of the center of Sunset Crater just east of Flagstaff, Arizona and it also filmed the same phenomena spewing from other “extinct” volcanoes in Arizona. It was like they were belching. Well yesterday the leftist wanna-be scientists figured out that the volcanoes were not belching at all. The one or two shots of smoke out of them were due to “forest fires.” LOL seriously? Sorry but there were no forest fires near any of them!

Now, please watch my left hand and not my right as I pull a rabbit out of my hat. Oh yes, and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain cuz AOC is the great and powerful Oz. 🙂

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August 16, 2020 at 11:40AM

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