Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Here in the United California Socialist Republic, we have an insane bunch of laws about electricity. Number one among them requires the local utility, Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) to purchase a huge amount of expensive, unreliable solar energy. So of course, our electricity price increases have far outstripped those of our more sane neighboring states.

And what to we get for this investment in expensive generation schemes?

Unreliable energy. Yesterday at about 6:30 PM, they shut off the power to our entire neighborhood for three hours. Of course the public claim was that the hot weather just made it so the poor system couldn’t keep up, darn it, so we’re sorry but rolling outages are starting now … just kidding, they started before the announcement. I assure you I was as surprised as our neighbors … started my little Honda generator, strung out the extension cords, and got back to my life. Although I must confess, I did say some bad words, and I fear that I stated both clearly and loudly that the people in charges could go engage in unnatural sexual conduct with themselves and the horse they rode in on …

But this morning

Like this:

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August 15, 2020 at 06:30PM