Monday Mirthiness – Follow The #COVID19 Science You Like

These days, these very weird days, pick up any newspaper or read any news website and you are bombarded with conflicting “science” information. usually these are prefaced with “a new study says” to give credence to even the thinnest of claims, which often conflict with other “studies”. Early on we were told COVID-19 was highly contagious, based on inflated model numbers that later proved to be wrongoff by at least a factor of ten, and now reality has set in and it’s not so bad after all.

A perfect example is the science-study-as-propaganda-tool where Hydrochloroquinine (HCQ) was trashed as being ineffective, and even dangerous has now proven to be utterly false, based on bad data, was retracted, and was likely politically motivated due to President Trump endorsing HCQ treatments. Now we find it actually works.

Like climate science, it seems medical science, at least related to COVID-19, has become a bad joke of “science by press release”.

I can’t say we here at WUWT are any better, just look at the dizzying amount of conflicting information we’ve reported on here.

Our resident cartoonist Josh sums it up nicely:

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August 10, 2020 at 07:07AM

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