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More than 25 million people live in Taiwan, 25 million people practically stacked on top of each other. If they practiced social distancing they’d be out in the ocean floating around. There’s not enough room for them to do social distancing.

But guess how many people have died to date of the pandemic in Taiwan?

Seven! Only seven!

Only seven! (Yes, I confirmed this on As of today, August 5, the number is only seven.)

Texas physician Dr. Richard Bartlett has had a 100 percent success rate with his patients, many with life-threatening co-morditities, but the media has been ignoring it.

In this video, Dr. Bartlett shares the stories people who he has treated using a steroid called budesonide, inhaled through a nebulizer. Dr. Bartlett has previously referred to his treatment as a “silver bullet” for the coronavirus. Worth watching at least the first 5 minutes.

Budesonide: That’s bu as in blue, des as in dess,  o as in oh, nide as in hide) – Budesonide

Only seven deaths of Covid-19 in Taiwan!

“Same situation in Japan,” says Dr Bartlett. “One hundred and twenty-one million people in Japan, and they’ve had less than a thousand people die during the whole pandemic. In Singapore, only 12 people have died in the entire country during the whole pandemic.”

What is the secret to these low death counts?

People in those countries are using an inhaled steroid called budesomide, says Dr Bartlett, who calls budesomide the “silver bullet.”

“It’s super cheap,” say Dr. Bartlett. “It’s about $200 for the entire treatment if you use cash. Many of my patients who use insurance pay nothing out of pocket.”

Budesomide is an asthma medicine, says Dr Bartlett. It’s a respiratory anti-inflammatory, and Covid-19 is a respiratory inflammation disease.

“And it works,” says Dr Bartlett. “A hundred percent of my (Covid-19) patients are alive.”You use a nebulizer machine.

“People start feeling better after the first treatment,” Bartlett adds.

Note: This was first posted on YouTube more than a month ago. But have you seen any word about this in the mainstream media?

Every person in the entire world should be made aware of this simple, cheap rapid solution to the pandemic. They should know about Dr Bartlett’s “silver bullet.”

Please help spread the word.

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August 5, 2020 at 05:25PM

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