Why are we locked down?

The UK, which locked down on March 23rd, has had more deaths per million than Sweden, which never locked down.

Sweden had no lock downs, no masks, no panic, and yet they have had fewer deaths per million of population than the UK.

I checked worldometers.com today (August 4) to see if this assertion is correct.

Yes it is. According to worldometers, as of today the UK has had 680 deaths per million of population, while Sweden has had 569 deaths per million.

Meanwhile, again, as of today, the USA is looking at at 481 deaths per million. My guess is that in spite of all our tyrannical lock-down attempts, our numbers per million will eventually match Sweden’s numbers and then decline in a similar manner.

See more charts here:

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this link

And here’s the worldometers page:

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August 4, 2020 at 12:21PM

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