Flogging Unreliable Energy By Extension Cord To Singapore Looks Like An Outrageous Fraud


Guest Post by Michael Darby Sunday 2 August 2020

Australia has granted major project status to AU$22bn solar, storage and transmission project which intends to sell unreliable energy to Singapore by undersea cable from Darwin. Here is the LINK to that story.

Ways to profit from a gigantic scam include milking subsidies & tax benefits and ramping shares. No government should bestow Major Project Status on a doomed “project” where no profit will ever be made from selling a product to a willing buyer. Australians call on the Prime Minister to guarantee that not one cent of public money will be committed to any fraudulent plan aimed at subsidies and lurks.

Any government which endorses a scam deserves to be brought down.  Who will receive the greatest reward from the CCP for billions of dollars worth of materials and/or components for useless solar panels? Any fund manager who goes anywhere near a scam will be exposed. Any individual who encourages any private investor to contribute to a scam will be committing an unconscionable crime.

Every rational commercial project begins with a perceived demand. Spruikers for the Australian ASEAN Power Link (AAPL)[1], which is better described as the extension cord project have provided no indication of demand or need in mostly gas-fuelled Singapore for any quantity of electrical energy emanating from Australia.   Nor is there any evidence of research into the Singapore electricity price structure.

Singapore’s industries[2] include 20% of the world’s ship repair, petroleum refining, major biotechnology research operations, heavily commercialised medical tourism, and frontline entities in information and communications technology. All of these entities, plus every arm of the Singapore Government, will demand unequivocal guarantees that all imported energy be wholly uninterrupted and continuous. 

Do not imagine that the putative purveyors of pusillanimous power can fall back on asking Singaporeans to invest in more back-up gas turbines or any other artifice.  From the beginning, supply must be totally secure and dependable, 24 hours a day.

The Basslink[3] HVDC interconnector between Victoria and Tasmania has the capacity to carry 500KW, one twentieth of the intended capacity of the extension cord.  Basslink is 370km long, and cost A$800 million (in 2005 dollars) to build. We can predict that building and installing a 500KW undersea cable for 3,350 km (the theoretical minimum distance) will cost A$7.24bn in 2005 dollars.  I invite any electrical engineer to confirm or correct my expectation that the cost of the cable will increase in proportion to the square root of the increase in carrying capacity. The square root of 20 is 4.472 so we calculate a cost for the undersea cable at $32bn (2005 dollars). According to the Bureau of Census and Statistics[4], $32bn in 2005 equates to $44bn in 2020, twice the $22bn falsely promoted as the total capital investment.

AAPL’s website asserts[5] that a storage facility with the capacity of 30GWh will “enable 24/7 dispatch of power”.  The Highview liquid air battery[6] with a capacity of 250MWh (compared with the 150MWh capacity of the Tesla battery in South Australia) is being built near Manchester UK at a cost of A$148.25m, or A$0.593m per MWh.  At the same cost per MWh, a 30GWh storage device will cost A$17.789bn. 

A$17.789bn – for the claimed storage requirement alone – is more than 80% of the A$22bn figure touted as the total capital cost of the project. 

The Electrical Engineering Portal[7] suggests that the capital cost of 750km of 2GW HVDC is around US$450m or A$626.4m.  To adjust the cost from 2GW HVDC to 10GW HDVC we multiply by the square root of 5 which is 2.236, giving an estimate of $1.4bn.  The total cost of storage and power transmission onshore and undersea is now $63.5bn, nearly three times the falsely claimed total budget.

The per MW capital cost of a solar farm in 2020 is estimated by Solar Mango[8] at £720,000 or A$1.3m.  That equates to $1.304bn per GW or $13bn capital expenditure for nameplate 10GW of solar-generated electricity.

Here is how the CAPEX looks so far:

Solar Farm 10GW nameplate capacity                       $13.0 bn

Storage 30 GWh as proposed                                      $17.8 bn

Transmission 750km to Darwin                                    $1.4 bn

Undersea Cable                                                          $44.3 bn

Total                                                                            $76.5 bn

The revelation that a conservative estimate of the cost is nearly three and half times the whole advertised budget should be enough to condemn this scam immediately. But it gets worse, much, much worse.

30GWH provides three hours of backup for 10GW of generation capacity.  Others may make a better-informed assessment, but I estimate that guaranteeing genuine round-the-clock 10GW power will require sixty hours of backup, that is 600GWh. The cost of 600GWh of backup is $355.8bn.   Even sixty hours may not be enough. Northern Territory residents report that the wet season commonly brings six or seven consecutive days when rain and cloud allow maximum ten percent functionality for solar panels.

We have not yet costed the process of obtaining permissions; from the Federal Government, from the Northern Territory Government and from all affected Aboriginal Communities.   We have not costed bonds for decommissioning.  We have not costed the insurance premiums required to protect the project from claims from customers when the extension cord is severed by an undersea volcano. We have not costed the PR campaign to persuade the Singaporeans that they need to import  electricity and to convince them that electricity generated from intermittent sunlight can be reliably delivered. We have not yet costed the risk to worldwide economies from the possible plague of hysterical laughter when the world reads this in WUWT.

At the very best, 10GW of nameplate solar power will provide 10GW for only 40% of the time. Let’s accept that we are dealing with 100 units of time, and for 60 units of that time we need stored power.  But because stored power is subject to losses, we need to generate enough stored power to cater for 75 units of time, knowing that 20% will be lost.  So 10GW nameplate solar power, supported by whatever (hang the expense) backup is required, can be expected to provide (40 divided by 115 multiplied by ten) 3.478GW of continuous power.  10GW divided by 3.478GW is 2.875.

If you want to produce 10GW of reliable power, you need nameplate capacity 2.875 times 10GW, which is 28.75GW.

Readers might imagine that the total destruction of this appalling scam is complete. No, there is more to come.  HVDC losses reportedly[9] approach 3% per 1,000km.  4,100 km total transmission distance  means budgeting for 12% in losses off the top of potential revenue. Each GW delivered requires generation of 1.136667GW.    So the nameplate capacity requirement is increased from 28.75GW to 32.679GW. Reliable continuous delivery of 10GW of solar-generated electricity to Singapore will require a capital investment of $42.62 billion in a solar farm with nameplate capacity of 32.679GW.

The capital investment required for 60 hours backup for 11.3667GW reliable output is the frightening sum of A$1,163bn, one and one-sixth trillion dollars.

The Pavakarda Solar Park[10] in the South West-Indian State Karnataka (formerly Mysore) uses 53 square kilometres for a nameplate capacity of 2.05GW.  So for 10GW of nameplate capacity expect to use 259 square kilometres.  If the aim is 10GW of reliably delivered power, then we multiply 259 sq km by 3.2679 to require 845 square kilometres containing $44.37bn worth of solar panels, with components  built in China at a shocking environmental cost[11].  Component construction may involve slave labour[12] using materials mined in Africa very likely with slave labour.

What is a rational capital cost for supplying 3.5GW of reliable energy, which exceeds the average energy expectation of 3.478GW available from 10GW of solar panels?   As reported on 5 April 2020,  Poland is planning[13] to invest in nuclear reactors at US$4,500 per Kw or at today’s rate A$6,264 per Kw. That puts the capital cost of nuclear electricity generation at A$6.264m per MW or A$6.264bn per GW.  For 3.5GW of safe reliable continuous nuclear energy, the capital cost is A$21.924bn, coincidentally slightly less than the A$22bn falsely claimed as capital cost by the backers of the extension cord project.

According to Schissel[14], the capital cost of a coal fired power station is around US$3,500 per Kw or A$4,872 per Kw. That puts the capital cost of coal fired electricity generation at A$4.872m per MW or A$6.264bn per GW. For 3.5GW of safe reliable continuous coal powered electricity, the capital cost is A$17.052bn, significantly less than A$22bn.

The electricity needs of Singapore or any other potential market for electricity can be well and cost-effectively served by nuclear or coal-fired power generation without any of the enormous environmental harm inherent in the extension cord project.  

A coal fired power station will operate safely and reliably for more than fifty years, delivering at least seven times the energy used in all aspects of construction and decommissioning.  Modern nuclear power stations may last a century and give a much higher energy return.  In the unlikely event that it is ever completed, the proposed Northern Territory solar farm will function for a maximum of 30 years, by which time its output may have degraded by 8%.  Nobody knows whether fifteen years might be very optimistic for the life of the gargantuan battery pack.  During that 30 years of solar farm life, the extension cord  project may have delivered less energy than was used in solar panel and battery construction and decommissioning.  The world’s available energy may have been reduced by the project.  And the profiteers will have been enriched even if not one KWh reaches Singapore.

Like Snowy Hydro, like all subsidies to unreliable energy, like the submarine contract, this unspeakably irresponsible plan must be stopped.  And the PM should apologise.

This figures and logic displayed above are more than a damning indictment of one gargantuan scam.  This memorandum is a warning that every proposal, anywhere, to link unreliable energy to any grid is automatically suspect.  The default position is that nameplate capacity will be misrepresented as production capacity.  Every estimate of cost will be recklessly understated and every estimate of performance will be deceptively exaggerated.

Despite fewer challenges, the 2009 Desertec Plan[15] for exporting solar-generated power from North Africa to Europe failed totally[16].

Australia has a highly educated parliamentarian, Rhodes Scholar the Hon Angus Taylor BEc, LLB, MPhil(Econ) MP.  He bears the shameful title Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, which institutionalises Government war upon reliable energy and gives undeserved credence to the false tenets of the global warming cult.

The 29 July 2020 joint media release[17] attributes to Minister Taylor: 

“As technologies change, we can capitalise on our strengths in renewables to continue to lead the world in energy exports.”  

There are no strengths in renewables. Every increase in renewable energy inflicted on a grid weakens the nation, drives up electricity costs, impoverishes the poor and threatens the elimination of industry.

Also named in the joint Media Release is another well-educated parliamentarian, Hon Karen Andrews, BEng(Mech), CertMediation, GradDipIndRel, MP, Minister for Science and Technology. The media release admits that the intention is to spend abroad $14bn of the fictional figure $22bn, in attributing to Minister Andrews this statement:

“This project draws on Australia’s world-class solar technology and our high-tech manufacturing capability to export renewable energy on an unprecedented scale. Not only will this power link make Australia a world-leader, it will also create significant economic and employment opportunities here at home with about $8 billion of the $22 billion investment to be injected directly into Australia. It’s a strong statement to all Australians that despite the immediate challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic we will come out the other side stronger and industry is still investing in opportunities that will drive our economic recovery and create much needed jobs.”

I do not believe that either Minister uttered the statements attributed.  Both  statements were likely written in the Prime Ministers office and agreed to by staff of the respective Ministers. Nobody in any Ministerial Office bothered to check any of the invented and unsubstantiated propaganda which induced some negligent individual or group to bestow Major Project Status on this scam.

The time is right for these two ministers to join with other wise colleagues in telling  the Prime Minister, among other things:

In the table below, columns two and three show a genuine CAPEX for the touted claims of AAPL, which despite the unacceptably high cost cannot ever deliver reliable energy. Three hours of backup for solar panels is risible.  Columns four and five show a genuine CAPEX for what might work but must never be contemplated because of frightening cost.   

Major Project Status was granted for a doomed project with a claimed capital cost of $22bn.  The Column 3 figure of $76.604bn exceeds $22bn by 248%. End the scam now.

Unauthorised Analysis of the intended Australian-ASEAN Power Link (AAPL)
Solar Farm10GW nameplate Average production 3.478GW, minus 12% delivery loss.13.041Reliable 10GW delivery to Singapore with nameplate 32.679GW42.618
Storage30GWh (3 hours) backup. No hope of reliable delivery.17.78960 hours backup for reliable constant output 11.37GW, delivery 10GW1,162.709
Transmission to Darwin750km1.401750km1.401
Undersea cable 10GW3,350km44.3733,350km44.373
Unlisted items includeApprovals, Insurance,  decommissioning bond, marketing Approvals, Insurance,  decommissioning bond, marketing 

In conclusion, here is a valuable extract from a recent letter from Saltbush Club[18] founder, Viv Forbes, who has inspired Australia’s defence against the destructive impact of the global warming cult:

The political war on carbon fuels has damaged the environment with forests of “green” power poles, flats of ground-sterilising solar panels, hills of bird-slicing wind turbines plus spider-webs of new power lines and roads. This mess produces unreliable expensive electricity, sterilises land, and wastes water to keep solar panels clean. And imagine the debris when a cyclone sails through a “farm” of panels or a “forest” of turbines. This expensive and unreliable power, plus green taxes and regulations, has destroyed much of Australia’s manufacturing, processing and refining industries – all for zero climate benefits. Gladstone aluminium refinery with 1,000 direct employees is a potential victim.

Abandon the climate war on carbon fuels and withdraw from the useless and destructive Paris Climate Agreement. It will never cool the climate, even if that was a sensible goal. Abolish all subsidies and taxes supporting intermittent green energy and legislate that any generator feeding into the grid must be able to supply 24/7 power, either from their own backup facilities or under contracts.

Economic recovery needs to encourage and fast-track sensible infrastructure and development proposals. We should also abolish stamp duty and capital gains tax and reduce income tax. Governments should prohibit real pollution of land, air and water, but allow farmers, fishermen, foresters, explorers, miners and entrepreneurs to get on with building and expanding their businesses.

Spread the recession pain to all protected government sectors. Cut taxes, and reduce the numbers and benefits for all in politics, bureaucracy, government media, academia and all able-bodied welfare recipients with no dependents.

[1] https://www.pv-tech.org/news/australia-grants-major-status-to-au22bn-solar-storage-and-transmission-proj

[2] https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/what-are-the-biggest-industries-in-singapore.html

[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basslink

[4] https://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/2005?amount=1

[5][5] http://suncable.sg

[6] https://ift.tt/37EXuYj

[7] https://electrical-engineering-portal.com/analysing-the-costs-of-high-voltage-direct-current-hvdc-transmission

[8] http://www.solarmango.com/ask/2015/10/26/what-is-the-installation-cost-of-utility-scale-solar-power-plant-mw-in-the-uk/

[9] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-voltage_direct_current AND https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desertec

[10] https://ift.tt/2EJcZnU

[11] https://www.americanmanufacturing.org/blog/entry/the-true-cost-of-chinese-solar-panels-part-3

[12] Op. cit.

[13] https://neutronbytes.com/2020/04/05/poland-counts-costs-for-new-nuclear-reactors/

[14] https://schlissel-technical.com/docs/reports_35.pdf

[15] https://www.euractiv.com/section/trade-society/news/desertec-abandons-sahara-solar-power-export-dream/

[16] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desertec

[17] https://www.minister.industry.gov.au/ministers/karenandrews/media-releases/22b-project-power-nt-singapore-given-major-status-boost

[18] https://saltbushclub.com/

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August 2, 2020 at 04:56PM

Kretschmann hatte in einer Hauruck-Aktion ein Forschungsprogramm zur Nutzung der Genome Editing Technologie an Pflanzen gestoppt.

Kretschmann hatte in einer Hauruck-Aktion ein Forschungsprogramm zur Nutzung der Genome Editing Technologie an Pflanzen gestoppt.

Das Schicksal sowohl der Gesamtbevölkerung als auch des einzelnen Bürger wird weitgehend von politischen Entscheidungsträgern bestimmt. Häufig müssen Menschen unter den Fehlentscheidungen von Verantwortungsträgern leiden. Die Demokratie lebt vom Dialog der Bürger mit den Entscheidungsträgern. Von erheblicher Bedeutung ist der Dialog der Politik mit der Wissenschaft.

Wenn Politiker die Wissenschaft ignorieren ist das oft ein Ergebnis von Lobbyismus oder von NGOs die immer stärker ihre Finger mit im politischen Spiel haben. Begünstigt wird das noch, wenn Leute in Positionen gehievt werden, wo sie dann über Sachfragen entscheiden sollen für die sie oftmals inkompetent sind. Das Ergebnis: Gesetze mit fataler Auswirkung.

Mittlerweile nehmen das nicht mehr alle Bürger so einfach hin. Massiver Protest auf der Straße ist das Ergebnis. „Schlüsselpositionen  sind mit Wissenschaftlern bzw. Leuten mit Fachwissen zu besetzten“, fordert Horst Roosen, Vorstand des UTR |Umwelt|Technik|Recht| e.V.

Lesen Sie hier bei UTR e. V. den Beitrag von Holger Douglas.

Bei Pflanzen Stop, beim Menschen Go? Kretschmanns Willkür: Baden-Württemberg stoppt Gentechnikforschung

Kretschmann stoppt in einer Hauruck-Aktion ein Forschungsprogramm zur Nutzung der Genome Editing Technologie an Pflanzen, das seine grüne Forschungsministerin ausgeschrieben hat. CueVac darf hingegen mit in Zellen eingeschleusten mRNA-Teilen arbeiten.

Irritiert und besorgt« zeigten sich 122 Wissenschaftler und schrieben einen offenen Brief an den Ministerpräsidenten des Landes Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann (Grüne). Die Entscheidung schade »sowohl dem Wissenschaftsstandort Baden-Württemberg als auch Deutschland massiv«.

Kretschmann hatte in einer Hauruck-Aktion ein Forschungsprogramm zur Nutzung der Genome Editing Technologie an Pflanzen gestoppt. Zu seinen Gründen hat er bislang noch nichts verlauten lassen. Das Programm hatte seine grüne Parteikollegin und Forschungsministerin des Landes, Theresia Bauer, ausgeschrieben und dafür fünf Millionen Euro bereitgestellt. Genome Editing mit seiner Vorzeigemethode CRISPR/Cas9 gilt als eine der wichtigen Zukunftstechnologien auch in der Pflanzenforschung. Mit dieser sehr präzisen Genschere lassen sich deutlich schneller neue Pflanzensorten züchten als bisher; daher seien solche Verfahren wichtig »für eine zukunftsfähig Landwirtschaft«, schreiben die Wissenschaftler in ihrem Brandbrief.

Das Forschungsprogramm solle doch ausgeschrieben werden, um »weitere Erkenntnisse über Potentiale und mögliche Risiken der neuen Züchtungsmethoden zu gewinnen«, fordern neben anderen der Direktor vom Max-Planck-Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie in Tübingen, Detlef Weigel, und Urs Niggli, Direktor des Schweizer Instituts für Sustainable Food- and Farming Systems. Niggli gilt zudem als einer der Pioniere des »biologischen« Landbaues.

Kretschmann, der Baden-Württemberg, das einstige Vorzeigeland in Sachen Bildung, dramatisch abstürzen ließ, hatte die Ausschreibung am 24. Juli 2020 zurückgezogen. In ihrem offenen Brief bedauern die Pflanzenwissenschaftler diesen Schritt. Das Projekt könne »die notwendigen Fakten liefern, um die Chancen und Risiken der Genom Editierung (auch New Breeding Technologies, NBTs, genannt) ergebnisoffen und mit evidenzbasierten Kriterien zu bewerten und über deren zukünftige Nutzung sowie Regulierung zu entscheiden.«

Nicht bekannt wurde indes bisher aus Baden-Württembergs grün-schwarzer Regierung deutliche Kritik an der Tübinger Firma CureVac, die mit im Rennen um einen neuen Corona-Impfstoff ist. CueVacs Lösung besteht aus einem Impfstoff, der mit in Zellen eingeschleusten mRNA-Teilen diese Zellen zu einer ausgeprägten Immunantwort gegen SARS-CoV-2 Viren anregen soll. Diese eingeschleuste RNA soll die Zelle nicht von ihrer eigenen unterscheiden können und das entsprechende Produktionsprogramm für Antigene starten lassen. Das ist jedenfalls die Idee. Dieser geplante RNA-Impfstoff kann wohlgemerkt nicht die menschliche DNA-umschreiben – zumindest wurde das noch nicht beobachtet, aber es ist dennoch Gentechnik – zudem ist in keiner Weise überblickbar, welche Folgen und Spätfolgen hervorgerufen werden können.

Es handelt sich um ein wenig erforschtes gentechnisches Experiment, das eigentlich über mehrere Jahre ausführlich getestet werden müsste, bevor es auf die Menschheit losgelassen würde. Denn wie sich das Immunsystem verändert, wenn die körpereigene Abwehr solche fremden Zellen erkennt, weiss niemand.

Hier hat der grüne Kretschmann nichts verboten. Obwohl es sich doch um »böse« Industrie handelt, die nur Geld verdienen will. Und um Gentechnik pur


Werden Sie ehrenamtlicher Gastautor/in des UTR e.V.

Der Verein verbreitet seine Botschaften in ganz besonderem Maße durch die Autorenschaft externer interessierter Bürger und Experten. Wir freuen uns über jeden Beitrag.

Der UTR e.V. bildet ein Netzwerk bzw. ein Fundament für Glück und Gesundheit. Dazu stehen unbegrenzte Energiemengen zur Verfügung.  Der UTR e.V. ist eine Non-Profit-Organisation, die den Zugang zum Glück für die Menschen deutlich verbessert. Ihre Anliegen Ihre Gesundheit und Ihr Glück stehen grundsätzlich im Mittelpunkt der Tätigkeit aller mit dem UTR-Netz verbundenen Personen und Unternehmen.

Als Fördermitglied des UTR e.V.- sollten Sie es wie Voltaire halten, der gesagt haben soll:

„Da es förderlich für die Gesundheit ist, habe ich beschlossen, glücklich zu sein.“

Immer wenn Sie an den UTR e.V. Geld spenden, zaubern Sie sich selbst ein Lächeln auf Ihr Gesicht.

Glückliche Menschen wissen es schon lange: „Für den Weg zum Glück ist es besser zu geben als zu empfangen“. Glück ist sehr subjektiv und die Menschen haben unterschiedliche Vorstellungen davon. Menschen für die „Glück“ ein wichtiges Thema ist und die  sich auch darauf  konzentrieren leben gesünder, zufriedener und erfüllter.

Der Verein ist zur Finanzierung seiner Projekte und Aktivitäten  auf Ihre finanzielle Unterstützung angewiesen.

Eine finanzielle Zuwendung an den UTR ist die einfache und unbürokratische Form, sich gesellschaftlich zu engagieren, gibt Ihrem Engagement eine Stimme und trägt zur Finanzierung der UTR Projekte bei.

Sie können gerne auf das

UTR e.V. Bankkonto überweisen:

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oder klicken Sie auf den Pay Pal  Button

Der UTR e.V. dient dem Gemeinwohl und verzichtet ganz bewusst  auf das steuerliche Privileg der „Gemeinnützigkeit“.

  • Dadurch muss er keine Rücksicht auf die Hand, die ihn füttert  nehmen.

Die Meinungsfreiheit ist das Fundament der Selbstverwirklichung, die es zu bewahren und zu schützen gilt.  Daher sind alle Meinungen bzw. Standpunkte aus Umwelt,Technik, Recht, Finanzen, Politik und Gesellschaft auf der UTR e.V. Internetseite https://www.ad-infinitum.online  willkommen.

Das Ausmaß, in dem sich die Menschen mit dem UTR e.V. Slogan

„gesund und glücklich in einer intakten Umwelt  leben“

persönlich  verbunden fühlen,  ist für das eigene Glück entscheidend.

Mit Ihrer Zuwendung unterstützen Sie nicht nur die Arbeit des UTR e.V..
sondern Sie machen sich selbst zu Ihres eigenen Glückes Schmied!

„gesund und glücklich in einer intakten Umwelt  leben“

UTR |Umwelt|Technik|Recht| e.V.

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64807 Dieburg

Telefon 06071- 9816811

Telefax 06071- 9816829

e-mail: dokudrom@email.de

Internet: https://www.ad-infinitum.online    https://dokudrom.wordpress.com

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Geography of the Ice Age – Fantastic video

Climate change is normal. In fact, the climate has been in flux for our entire evolutionary history.

We have witnessed two glaciations as a species and have experienced the Eemian Interglacial when conditions were similar to today (probably even warmer).

During the last glacial, about 25 percent of the world’s landmass was covered by ice. Today, only about 11 percent is covered by ice.

Where did all of the water come from to create that ice? From the oceans. During the last glacial, ocean levels stood about 130 meters (more than 426 ft) lower than today.

Talk about lower sea levels!

At about 6:55 in, look at the map and notice how most of eastern Italy was connected to Croatia. The Adriatic Sea didn’t even exist.

At about 8:35 in, notice the huge land bridge between Alaska and Asia. (I talk about this land bridge in Not by Fire but by Ice.) And contrary to what a lot people might believe, notice that most of Alaska was not glaciated.

At about 9:34 in, notice that the Philippines, Indonesia, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Malaysia, Singapore, all were connected to each other and to the mainland.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this fantastic video

The post Geography of the Ice Age – Fantastic video appeared first on Ice Age Now.

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August 2, 2020 at 03:27PM

World Champions In Green Hypocrisy: German Govt Employees Took 265,000 Flights Last Year

World Champions In Green Hypocrisy: German Govt Employees Took 265,000 Flights Last Year

The bulk of air travel was short-haul domestic trips from Berlin — a revelation that runs contrary to Angela Merkel’s call on Germans to curb CO2 emissions.

German federal government employees and civil servants traveled by plane 10% more in 2019 than the year before, newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported on Sunday, citing data from the Environment Ministry.

Federal government employees took a total of 265,823 individual flights in 2019, compared to 238,607 in 2018.

The data was released by the German Environment Ministry in response to a parliamentary inquiry filed by the country’s business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP).

The 2019 figures, however, were lower than those seen in 2017, when federal employees took 276,189 flights.

The numbers do not include flights made by Germany’s air force. 

The number of short-haul flights — which have been criticized by climate activists for being particularly bad for the environment — went up by 12% last year to 204,692. The number of medium- and long-haul flights also increased. 

In total, people employed by the German state traveled just under 386 million kilometers (240 million miles) by air in 2019, up from 350 million done the year before. 

Full story

The post World Champions In Green Hypocrisy: German Govt Employees Took 265,000 Flights Last Year appeared first on The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF).

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August 2, 2020 at 12:29PM

Prominent German Satirist Slams “McCarthy-Like” Climate Science… “Dark Ages”…Suppression “By Denunciation”

Prominent German Satirist Slams “McCarthy-Like” Climate Science… “Dark Ages”…Suppression “By Denunciation”

The censorship of science now sweeping the globe finally gets a slap-down…

Germany’s Dieter Nuhr slams “McCarthy-like mood” in science after DFB German Research Foundation takes down his statement. Image cropped from nuhr.de/

A message to Ramstorf, Mann, Greta, media, alarmists who declare their science as The Truth.

German, high profile satirist Dieter Nuhr, who earlier criticized Greta’s hysteria, recently saw his statement taken down by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in the latest wave of scientific censorship. 

What follows is Nuhr’s response to the DFG takedown of his statement he posted at Facebook, translated in the English (my emphasis added)


“In July I was asked to send in a 30-second voice message on science for the German Research Foundation’s campaign #DFG2020. I made the following original statement:

‘Knowledge does not mean you are 100% sure, but that you have enough facts to have a reasoned opinion. But many people are offended when scientists change their mind: That is normal! Science is just THAT the opinion changes when the facts change. This is because science is not a doctrine of salvation, not a religion that proclaims absolute truths. And those who constantly shout, “Follow science!” have obviously not understood this. Science does not know everything, but it is the only reasonable knowledge base we have. That is why it is so important.’

‘The DFG would like to start by thanking you for your contribution.’ It wrote to me: ‘We thank you very much for your wonderful statement – your trenchant commentary on the relevance and explanation of science.’

The article was then published by the DFG and, due to the ‘strong and very critical response’, was taken down again on July 30th to ‘protect the DFG’ (quoted verbatim).

I find this more than alarming. The fact that criticism comes up when I express myself does not surprise me anymore. No matter what I say, as soon as it becomes public on the Internet, it gets met with organised hate. This is obviously a campaign organized in the Internet to discredit me as a participant in the forming of opinion. It is obvious that this is ideologically based, because I am politically critical of the left AND the right and I am always against any political extremism. This outrages both left and right fanatics, and since I also repeatedly express criticism of religion, I am also criticized from the religious side. As a satirist, you have to live with that.

What’s new is now an organization like the German Research Foundation, which should stand for free thinking like no other, is giving in to the ideologues on the Internet. This is not only astonishing, but also frightens me, because I now perceive a McCarthy-like mood in the country and, in the course of the Cancel culture, I also see the freedom of thought and research in general in danger.

I have been told by the DFG that it is necessary to ‘give in to criticism’ in order to ‘avert damage from the DFG’. I fear that the greater damage will be done if the German Research Foundation is involved in silencing critical and by no means extremist or conspiracy-theoretical voices.

I have never (!!!) argued in an anti-scientific way; on the contrary, I have always stood up against the misuse of science. One example: I have ALWAYS said that I think the Friday For Future movement is basically sympathetic, but that I find the phrase “Follow science” questionable because it suggests that there is one, untouchable opinion and solution strategy for climate change, because this way science is declared a narrative of redemption. That is the opposite of science.

There are different scenarios and different solution strategies not only among the population but also among climate scientists. It is even a basic condition of free research that different theses are allowed and discussed. This is what happens in science. In the public, however, diversity of opinion is increasingly actively suppressed by denunciation. Individual groups proclaim inviolable truths, claim that science is on their side and accordingly treat critical thinkers as heretics, then lump them together with madmen and conspiracy theorists and try to discredit them. That is Dark Ages and frightening.

In these times, shit-storms are increasingly replacing factual argumentation. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE AT THE DFG TO HAVE FOUND SOMETHING “ANTI-SCIENTIFIC” IN ME, IF ONLY BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST. They ‘reacted to criticism’. In other words, the DFG submitted to the rioters who systematically work on the Internet to suppress critical voices at the center of the political spectrum. No one can seriously place me on the fringes of politics anywhere.

The DFG is thus actively involved in pursuing criticism as heresy and muzzling dissenters. However, I consider this to be a phenomenon that seriously endangers democratic discussion, if only because it has reached the scientific community worldwide. At universities, however, massive efforts are being made everywhere to ensure that dissenters are no longer allowed in at all. This is not only outrageous, but frightening. What kind of country do we want to live in? In a country where public reflection is increasingly punished by denunciation and social exclusion? It scares me.”

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EV obsession may catch UK automotive ‘sleeping at the wheel’, says Cambria boss

From Automotive Management Online

31/07/2020 in Car Dealer News

Cambria Automobiles chief executive Mark Lavery has urged his car retail colleagues to lobby Government over an all-out push to Electric Vehicles (EV) which risks catching UK automotive “sleeping at the wheel”.

Lavery said that there was still time to prevent Government making a decision which would see an all-out ban on internal combustion engine (ICE) and hybrid vehicles as early as 2032, risking both the environment and “thousands” of  industry jobs.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ (OLEV) consultation over the proposals ends at midnight tonight (July 31), having been extended from an initial May deadline, and Lavery insisted that it was “not too late” to change what appeared to be a set course.

His comments came as the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) today called for hybrids to be excluded from any initial ban on new vehicles sales, and a phased approach be taken towards a zero emission sales target of 2040.

“At the moment, as an industry, we are sleeping at the wheel as the environmental lobbying groups dictate an all-out push for EVs at the exclusion of any other solution,” Lavery told AM in an interview this morning.

“The millions of tonnes of Cobalt that are being pulled out the ground in Africa, the Amnesty International investigation into child slavery in those mining processes, the fact that the Cobalt is shipped to China to be processed and turned into batteries in a coal-powered economy only to be shipped to developed Western countries so we can have zero tailpipe emissions in our towns and cities… All that seems to be overlooked in the pursuit of this one solution.”

EVs ‘not the only solution’

Lavery argued that 35g/km of permanent CO2 is embedded into the emissions of a pure electric vehicles as a result of the battery production, giving the pure electric car only a small emissions advantage over the latest versions of modern turbo-diesel engines.

Pure EVs contain between 10 to 12kg of Cobalt on average, he said, compared to a far lesser amount for zero emissions-capable hybrid vehicles.

Lavery believes that Government must include hybrids and the use of cleaner synthetic fuels in a more gradual shift towards an all-out ban on vehicles which don’t offer zero emissions.

Hydrogen must also attract greater consideration in plans for the future, he added.

“Holistically, pure EVs are worse for the environment than many other solutions and yet the course appears to have been set,” he said.

Economic risks

​Lavery met with former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the MP for Chingford and Woodford Green, at the AM100 group’s Grange Jaguar Land Rover at Woodford to voice his concerns about Government’s policy towards EV adoption.

In its letter to MPs across the country – sent by general managers across the group’s businesses – Cambria also claimed that “thousands” of automotive industry jobs would be lost if Government pursues a rapid all-out shift to pure EVs.

It said: “If we prohibit the sale of hybrid vehicles we will lose thousands and thousands of jobs from our automotive industry manufacturer’s and supply chain like Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Bentley and at the same time arguably damaging the planet further because pure electric is not the only solution.

“Electric propulsion systems are only part of the solution. Hybrid, petrol and diesel propulsion systems are making dramatic improvements and where people were previously not plugging in their vehicles because of the inefficiency that would only allow the vehicle to travel 10 miles on pure electric travel, we are now in a position where most hybrids can do at least 30 miles on electric only charge.  

“This covers most people’s daily commute and is already changing behaviours with far more people plugging in the more efficient power units.”

As well as the environmental and economic risks posed by a shift to EVs at the exclusion of ICE and hybrid vehicles, Lavery said that he feared for the future of social mobility.

He said: “The simple fact is that fast-tracking this kind of technology also prices a lot of people out of the market.”

Full story here.

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