Hull To Be Wiped Out By 9m Of Sea Level Rise-Says Telegraph

By Paul Homewood

h/t Mike Jackson

 It’s little wonder that confidence in Britain’s press has plummeted to record low levels, with garbage like this:


Boston, Grimsby and Hull could become some of the world’s worst hit coastal flooding hotspots in the next 80 years as climate change raises sea levels and increases the severity of storms, according to a new study.

Coastal flooding worldwide will rise by 48 per cent and threaten assets worth up to 20 per cent of global GDP without flood defences or action to mitigate global emissions, according to research from the Universities of Melbourne and East Anglia.

If emissions are mitigated, the figures are lowered to an increase of 33 per cent of land at risk of flooding and threats to assets worth $12.7 trillion, or around 17 per cent of global GDP.

The study, published in the journal Nature, says the north-east of the UK will be among the worst hit areas.

It predicts a rise of 5-9 metres along the coast of Boston, Grimsby and 2-5m in Hull in a worst-case scenario, though the researchers say more detailed local modelling is needed.

Nine meters by 2100? What planet is this dopey bird on?

On the NE coast, sea levels have been rising at just 1.9mm a year, a rate over the next 80 years of 152mm, or 6 inches:

mean trend plot

Worse still for the fraudsters, the rate of rise has declined since the mid 20thC.

50 year trend plot

Studies like this one are written by so-called scientists, who know their grants rely on propagating rubbish like this.

It is noticeable that the Telegraph has not dared to include comments on this ludicrous article, because it knows its readers would destroy its credibility.

I reported about a poll last week, which showed that confidence in the press had collapsed in the last year amongst both Tory and Labour voters, while it had increased in the tiny rump of Lib Dim voters.

This article shows exactly why. The press nowadays is now part and parcel of the London metropolitan bubble, which has sold its soul to the global warming scam. Meanwhile, out here in the sticks, the vast majority outside of the illiterate, young woke mob, have not fallen for this nonsense.

This is painfully obvious from comments in the Telegraph, when they are allowed, which regularly expose the articles for the nonsense they are.

The Telegraph, which has probably lost more readers than most in the past year because of its shift to the woke left, will not recover credibility until it takes editorial content away from babies like Emma Gatten, and returns it to the adults.


July 30, 2020 at 04:36PM

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