New Study: Strong Correlation Between Earthquakes & Solar Activity

Reliable earthquake forecasting may have taken a step closer to being realized thanks to a new study On the correlation between solar activity and large earthquakes worldwide.’ [1]

While many scientists have hypothesized that oceans and solar activity play a role in earthquakes the evidence has been sketchy. But this new study relies on data about worldwide earthquakes and SOHO satellite proton measurements to determine a more reliable correlation.

“This paper gives the first, strongly statistically significant, evidence for a high correlation between large worldwide earthquakes and the proton density near the magnetosphere, due to the solar wind. “

“Large earthquakes occurring worldwide have long been recognized to be non Poisson distributed, so involving some large scale correlation mechanism, which could be internal or external to the Earth. Till now, no statistically significant correlation of the global seismicity with one of the possible mechanisms has been demonstrated yet.”

These latest findings will be welcome among those independent researchers who have been winning followers for their work on earthquake forecasting. Principia Scientific International (PSI) has been monitoring this emerging science for several years.

The feasibility of uncovering links with earth rotation speed variations, solar activity, electro-magnetic storms and earthquakes is growing stronger.

Among those we have keenly followed is ex-NASA engineer John L. Casey, who wrote Dark Winter, predicting a coming cold period relating to low Solar magnetic activity (sunspot numbers).  Casey is president of the Space and Science Research Corp. and CEO of the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center

The PSI article ‘Do Cosmic Rays Trigger Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions?‘ showed how Casey made a strong case for grand minimums being a causal factor in triggering these strong quakes. [2]

See also “Is Katla Ready to Erupt?” by Casey.

As PSI researcher Bob Beatty notes, Casey’s work ties in with the following:

Year of Eruption Associated Solar Minimum
920 AD Mayan Minimum
1612 AD Maunder Minimum
1823 AD Dalton Minimum
TBD Eddy Minimum (2014-2045)

This correlation is with solar minimums and suggests the effect may be more associated with increased cosmic ray activity which is more noticeable during reduced solar radiation.
The Katla Volcano is significantly sited at the northern end of the Mid Atlantic Ridge (MAR).

This information suggests that the expanding Earth may be a spasmodic event which is further evidenced by the periodic lava outflows discovered in the matching ridges on either side of the MAR.

In 2017 we also posted ‘Scientists Discover Connection Between Full Moon And Earthquakes’ which showed large earthquakes are more likely to occur when there is a full or new moon because of the gravitational pull on tides, according to a new study.

The first idea that sunspots could influence the earthquake occurrence dates back 1853. The mechanisms proposed to justify such correlations have been varied: small changes induced by Sun-Earth coupling in the Earth’s rotation speed; eddy electric currents induced in faults, heating them and reducing shear strength, etc.

Cosmic Forces Impacting Our Climate

PSI’s own Arthur Viterito, a professor of Geography of the College of Southern Maryland, is a leading figure in attributing to geothermal effects an influence on climate change. He is also open to the idea that cosmic impacts also alter our climate. [2]

Also on the earthquake trail is Ben Davidson.  He runs a website regarded as home of the study of pre-seismic signals, and the practice of earthquake forecasting. The Earthquake Prediction Center at is a division of SpaceWeatherNews and is supported by the collective of more than 300,000 “Suspicious0bservers”.

TO download the new paper in full please visit

[1] ‘On the correlation between solar activity and large earthquakes worldwide’ Vito Marchitelli et al. Published July 13 2020. DOI


Written by John O’Sullivan

Author: uwe.roland.gross

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