Admission: Climate Litigation is Tool to Make Industry Bend a Knee

via Climate Litigation Watch

h/t Energy Policy Advocates for the following acknowledgement by a Boulder City official, from early on in this second wave of “climate nuisance” litigation, about the objective. Here again we see its practitioners conceding that “nuisance” litigation is a tool to force the targeted industries to sue for peace, by agreeing to lobby for legislative adoption of policies that are demonstrably harmful to the broader economy, and particularly to seniors and the poor.

Such hostage-taking is of course a troubling use of the courts, but also a reminder that the judiciary is being used as a proxy for the democratic process, which to date has denied the climate industry its larger, desired spoils.

This reminds CLW of the recently re-encountered confession of the very same animating principle behind the first symptom-cases of this litigation epidemic, by then-AG (now Senator) of Connecticut Sidney Blumenthal.

Anthony Watts / 26 mins ago July 27, 2020

— Watts Up With That?

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