Apocalypse Never and False Alarm

Apocalypse Never and False Alarm

by Judith Curry

Two important new books to discuss.

Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarm Hurts Us All, by Michael Schellenberger [amazon]   ‚Best Seller‘

Schellenberger’s op-ed:  On Behalf of Environmentalists I Apologize For the Climate Scare [link]  originally published at Forbes, but then they pulled it.

Schellenberger’s slide deck for the book [link]

Review in Daily Mail: The eco-warrior who’s made greens see red [link]

Review from Environmental Progress [link]

Schellenberger was banned for awhile from Facebook for his ‚heretical‘ posts about the book [link]

The KIDZ at Climate Feedback don’t like the book; snooty, mostly content free ‚fact check‘ [link]

RealClimate: Michael Tobis makes a more serious effort to critique the book, but lands few punches. [link]

False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet, by Bjorn Lomborg [amazon]

Read the first 25 pages here [link]

New York Times thinks this is a dangerous book [link]

Michael Schermer’s interview with Lomborg [link]


Alex Trembath has a good review of both books:  Alternatives to Climate Alarmism

I’ve read both books, well worth reading.  Refreshing and complementary perspectives.

Seems like Schellenberger is taking more ‚heat‘ from the usual consensus enforcers; apparently they figure that that they’ve already sufficiently dismissed Lomborg as a ‚denier.‘

Not sure how much bandwidth there is for climate change at the moment, but it seems the sales especially for Schellenberger’s book are really taking off.

— Climate Etc.