Move over, Golf: Volkswagen ID.3 EV sales open to public in Europe on 20 July

Move over, Golf: Volkswagen ID.3 EV sales open to public in Europe on 20 July

VW ID.3 [image credit: Alexander Migl @ Wikipedia]

The car is about the same size as VW’s Golf model but weighs 200 kilograms more due to the battery, which has an 8 year guarantee. What is guaranteed is not clear. List prices for most versions are well in excess of 30,000 euros, but subsidies are on offer. Don’t all rush at once…
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Volkswagen ID.3 latest news

Even before the Volkswagen ID.3 goes on sale, it has managed to pick up an award – from carwow!

The ID.3 collected the Most Wanted award at the 2019 carwow Car of the Year awards, says Green Car Congress.

This award is given to the brand that has the most-read news story here on carwow – and the ID.3 scooped that accolade by some margin.

“Will the ID.3 be the electric car for the masses? The excitement the car has generated over the past 12 months suggests it just might be,” said carwow Editorial Director, Mat Watson. “It has consistently been at the top of the most-read news stories on carwow and we can’t wait to drive it.”

The ID.3 is a hugely significant car for Volkswagen and marks the third major chapter in its history after the Beetle and the Golf.

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