No, June 2020 Was Not the Hottest June on Record

By Paul Homewood

Anthony Watts debunks “hottest June” claims:


The Washington Post and other media outlets are claiming June 2020 was the hottest June on record. Not surprisingly, that is fake news and a lie. Let’s set the record straight.

The root of the claim that June 2020 was the warmest on record comes from an announcement from European Union climate scientists. Yet the scientists don’t say that June 2020 was the warmest June on record. Here’s what they actually said:

“Globally, temperatures last month were 0.53°C warmer than the average June from 1981-2010, almost tied as the warmest June in this record and with the Siberian Arctic experiencing the most above-average conditions. In Europe, temperatures were far above average in the north but below average in the south, overall tying as the second warmest European June in our record.”

Since when does a finding of “almost tied as the warmest June” allow ostensibly factual new organizations to breathlessly exaggerate and claim “almost tied” is the same as being “the hottest on record.” Again, the Washington Post simply printed “fake news” to further its ideological agendas, as well as generate unprofessional click-bait.

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