The Real Reason Hydroxychloroquine Never Got a Chance

The Real Reason Hydroxychloroquine Never Got a Chance

“Watch. I only pray to God that Trump sees this and FIRES Fauci!!” says reader Tim Minnich.


How can remdesivir, proven by a Chinese clinical trial to not be safe, and proven to not be effective in preventing your death, be on track to perhaps becoming the most profitable drug in history? asks author Bill Still.

There is a mountain of data showing that Hydroxychloroquine is effective, says Still. And Ivermectim appears to be even better, in some clinical trials proving twice as effective as Remdesivir. In some cases, Ivermectim has proven to be 100 percent effective.

Why are those drugs barely mentioned in the media? asks Still. Massive profits to Gilead would be the answer.

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Dextramathorsone (I think he means dexamethasone), a low-cost legacy steroid, has shown remarkable results against advanced covid disease, says Still.

Treatment with remdesivir can cost upwards of $50,000.00, says Still. But you can buy a full treatment of the alternative drugs from in the UK for around $100.00.

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