‘Eco-Davey’ Still Pocketing Thousands from Private Jet Company

‘Eco-Davey’ Still Pocketing Thousands from Private Jet Company

By Paul Homewood

Guido exposes the latest hypocrisy from an ex Lib Dem Energy Secretary!

Despite running on a very green leadership platform, Sir Ed Davey has continued pocketing thousands from a couple who make their money from renting out 23,000 private jet flights a year.

After Guido discovered last week that 80% of Layla Moran’s leadership funds coming from European royalty, it’s only fair to give Davey’s dosh the same scrutiny. Over the last year, Sir Ed has pocketed £16,500 from Chris and Tina Leach, the duo behind private jet rental company Air Charter. As Guido previously reported, he’s been taking their cash for seven years…

Davey’s LibDem leadership platform is centred around a £150 billion “Green Revolution”. In a video on his campaign website, Davey tells LibDem members:

“Too many political leaders would let us sleepwalk into a global catastrophe. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have never cared about the Climate Emergency… we owe it to our children and grandchildren to fight for our planet”

Sir Ed also accuses Boris and Trump of serving those with vested interests in pollution. Davey’s clearly more than au fait with polluting private punters…

Davey’s predecessor as Energy Secretary, of course, was the convicted criminal Chris Huhne. Huhne, after getting out of jail, landed a plum job as Chairman of Ziklha Biomass – Europe.

Zilkha produce wood pellets from trees harvested in Alabama forests, and Huhne is responsible for developing business from biomass businesses in Europe. The fact that Huhne himself actively pursued policies promoting the biomass industry prior to being locked up is, naturally, pure coincidence!

‘Eco-Davey’ Still Pocketing Thousands from Private Jet Company — NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

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