Aussie Covid-19 Lockdown Chaos

Aussie Covid-19 Lockdown Chaos

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

How not to run a Covid-19 lockdown; The Victorian Government has responded to a sudden winter surge in Covid-19 cases with a rushed hard lockdown, which has left vulnerable people living in government subsidised housing short of food.

‘It’s horrific’: Residents of Melbourne’s locked-down towers are struggling to receive essential supplies

Residents in Melbourne’s nine locked-down public housing towers have told SBS News they are struggling to receive essential supplies as they adapt to an initial five-day lockdown without warning.

On day three of the public housing estate lockdown, single mother Amina, who does not want to be identified by her full name, said she reached breaking point.

“I don’t think I can handle it anymore,” she told SBS News.

“I am frustrated and angry. I wasn’t prepared at all.”

“They [the children] want fresh milk. They want toast. They want a normal life.”

She said the kids have been living off meals of Weet-Bix breakfast cereal – without milk.

“I can’t keep them fed anymore … I don’t know how to explain. I didn’t expect this.”

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The Victorian Covid outbreak comes in the wake of accusations of utter incompetence in managing Covid quarantines, including allegations quarantine facility security guards were having sex with people they were meant to be isolating.

Security guards ‘who had SEX’ with quarantined travellers inside five-star hotels in Melbourne will be replaced by flight attendants – as Victoria grapples with COVID-19 second wave


PUBLISHED: 02:38 AEST, 6 July 2020 | UPDATED: 02:44 AEST, 6 July 2020

Security guards are set to be replaced by airline staff in Melbourne‘s quarantine hotels after a sex scandal was linked to Victoria’s second coronavirus wave. 

A job advertisement posted by the Department of Justice on Qantas‘ internal job is calling on airline staff to take over from trained security guards who were tasked with enforcing mandatory 14-day quarantine for returned travellers.

Claims that guards were sexually active with guests in isolation are being investigated as part of a probe into the state’s bungled quarantine program.

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Did I mention Covid-19 testing in Victoria is totally voluntary, even for people in quarantine who recently returned from Covid hotspots, and a lot of people refused to be tested?

It is difficult to imagine what else the Victorian government could get wrong, but I am confident they will continue to explore novel ways to bungle their Covid response.

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