This twitter video caught my eye last night, it was taken near Miami a few nights ago. It shows mysterious lights, confirmed from many sources and featured on national US TV channels where it’s reported answers are being demanded from the Pentagon.

Then today my physicist friend Mike McCulloch posted a tweet about some similar phenomena which have been observed for many years in Norway.

Wiki says: A group of students, engineers and journalists collaborated as “The Triangle Project” in 1997–1998 and recorded the lights in a pyramid shape that bounced up and down.[4][5]

So I did a bit of digging, and pretty quickly found some suggestive data.

So, talkshoppers, what about the many eyewitness reports of mysterious lights seen around Earthquakes? What does it all mean? Hmm?

When I google “Causes of earthquakes”, nothing about geomagnetic activity shows up. It’s all plate tectonics this, and human engineering that. What about the other possibility? A Geomagnetic effect or some mighty electric force which induces one?

Electric forces oscillate, and there are plenty of accounts of liquifaction in earthquake events. Other things oscillate too, so it’s not conclusive, but lights in the sky, vibrational liquifaction, and Geomag correlations all add up to some interesting insights into seismic phenomena.

Please post your thoughts below.

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June 28, 2020 at 03:09PM