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„1,780 earthquakes since Magna was rattled six weeks ago“


Jimbob Does Coronavirus — Iowa Climate Science Education

Humor is important as a means of poking holes in narratives that assert beliefs contrary to reality. Jimbob has become a force skewering notions of climate change, as well as other distorted ideas comprising the “woke” PC canon. Those inside the believer bubble will not be affected, but the important audience are those ignorant or […] […]


Ministerial math, scientific skepticism and the Chinese virus — Iowa Climate Science Education

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Of government ministers it may be said that they seldom know how many beans make five. Frankly, numeracy is seldom their forte. Therefore, HM Government, for instance, has pietistically proclaimed time and time again at its daily press conferences that it will act solely on the basis of what the […] […]


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