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More powerful consequences than any terrorist action — Ice Age Now

Coronavirus has already spread to dozens of countries. Could take 18 months for a vaccine to be ready. ____________ SINDHI NEWS – China’s Coronavirus death tally increased on Wednesday, as the chief of the World Health Organisation urged countries to work together against the “grave threat” posed by the outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) has… […]

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“Good Grief”: A Support Group for the Climate Faithful — Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Political activist Laura Schmidt has created the „Good Grief“ support group, to help depressed eco-activists work through their climate grief. Sad about climate change? There’s a support group for that. A new program, reflecting lessons from Alcoholics Anonymous, aims to help people work through their grief about climate change. The […] […]

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Hump Day Hilarity: ‘grief ritual for the state of the planet’ — Watts Up With That?

Oh boy, just when you think leftists can can’t any more whiny about climate, you see this video taken in London today. “Grief – it’s what’s for dinner.” über Hump Day Hilarity: ‘grief ritual for the state of the planet’ — Watts Up With That?

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Arctic Sea Ice Sees “Dramatic Recovery And Expansion”… Northern Europe January Cooling 30 Years! — NoTricksZone

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin Northern Europe and the Arctic show signs of winter cooling over the past decades. Could the global warming theory be in for an upset? Looking at January data over the northern Europe, we see no real warming trend for the month, according to data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).… über […]

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Economic impact of energy consumption change caused by global warming — Watts Up With That?

Reposted from Dr. Judith Curry’s Climate Etc. Posted on February 8, 2020 by curryja | by Peter Lang and Ken Gregory A new paper ‘Economic impact of energy consumption change caused by global warming’ finds global warming may be beneficial. In this blog post we reproduce the Abstract, Policy Implications and Conclusions and parts of… über […]

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Nick Bridge–The Anti Capitalist Mole At The Foreign Office — NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

By Paul Homewood Sometimes you find that missing bit to the jigsaw! Well done to Guido, who has unearthed this gem: Speaking at the ‘Green Alliance‘ think tank’s ‘Countdown to COP’ event yesterday, U.K. Foreign Office Climate Representative Nick Bridge called for “economic and financial transformation”, claiming that climate change is the result […] über Nick […]

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