NOAA Scientist Says It’s ‘Misleading’ To Blame Global Warming For Hurricane Harvey’s Rainfall


By Paul Homewood

NOAA’s leading hurricane scientist, Chris Landsea, has recently published an analysis of Hurricane Harvey, and concludes that it is totally misleading to blame global warming for the record rainfall.

Michael Bastasch has the story at Climate Change Dispatch:


It’s “misleading” to blame Hurricane Harvey’s record rainfall, or hurricane rainfall in general, on man-made global warming, according to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientist.

“Linking hurricane rainfall to global warming today (and even decades from now) based upon such a tiny contribution is misleading,” Christopher Landsea of the National Hurricane Center wrote in an analysis of the potential links between warming and Harvey.

“Moreover, such a fixation can delay steps that can be taken now to better mitigate the effects of extreme flooding from hurricanes,” wrote Landsea, a veteran hurricane expert.

Hurricane Harvey brought record levels of rainfall to southeastern Texas when it made landfall in…

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