Attenborough’s Netflix Nonsense


By Paul Homewood

Attenborough’s new Netflix series is out. I have not watched it, but someone has sent me some notes of his claims:

It seems to be going on big on the idea that the planet was once “stable” but now it’s not.

In the last 50 years wildlife populations have on average declined by 60 per cent” (voiced over footage of a polar bear!)

“The future of this whole migration depends on the regularity of the rains” (the constantly reiterated suggestion is that rainfall – eg in Africa – is becoming a lot less reliable and predictable and that animals are doomed as a result)

“Antarctica and The Arctic: though they may seem remote to many of us the stability of these icy wastes is crucial to life on the planet. But in just 70 years things have changed at a frightening pace. The polar regions are…

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