Meet the Doomers: Climate Worriers so Extreme Other Radicals Avoid Them

Iowa Climate Science Education

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JoNova; What happens when climate panic turns into despair? Their fellow travellers accuse them of ?climate denial?, of course.

Breaking up over climate change: My deep dark journey into doomer Facebook

ByJames Purtill

Things came to a head at dinner one night earlier this year, when my girlfriend suggested the chat was too depressing.


She wanted to keep living her life as normal, and I wanted to freak out.

And then we broke up.


?Welcome to our world Mr Franzen?

The phrase ?doomerism? was popularised in the commentary around Jonathan Franzen?s 2019 article in theNew Yorker, in which the famous American novelist argued we have no chance of averting catastrophic climate change, and we should just admit this

The essay was titled, ?What if We Stopped Pretending?? and it argued that Green New…

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