Best Monsoon For Years In India


By Paul Homewood

daily evolution of All India Summer Monsoon Rainfall, cumulative, 2019

India’s monsoon season has now officially ended, with rainfall totals 10% above normal. This has counteracted a run of below average years, largely El Nino related.

Long term trends however show that runs of drought years such as this one are perfectly usual. Also that there have been many years with rainfall totals higher than this monsoon.

All-India Summer Monsoon (June-September) Rainfall (AISMR) Anomalies during 1871-2017

According to the Guardian, this must be unadulterated bad news:


However, for the Indians themselves, it is all excellent news:


The Modi government has finally seen its first good monsoon. 2019 is possible the best monsoon year since 1994. What is more, the September rains have broken the record of the last 102 years, drenching most parts, especially central India. It has taken every forecaster by surprise. We at Skymet had assessed September to be the best month of this monsoon, with rains at 102% of LPA…

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