Realistic Glossary of Terms for the Climate Crisis/Climate Emergency

Iowa Climate Science Education

Guest venting by Bob Tisdale

This post is intended as a starting point for a glossary of terms that speaks freely about the realities of the climate change/global warming crusade, or, if you prefer, the anti-fossil-fuel-producing-and-exporting-country crusade. In no way should it be considered to be an all-inclusive glossary at this point. Please add your choices for terms and their definitions in the comments.


Climate Activists ? Persons who are trying, and succeeding in some places, to force their misguided beliefs on everyone else. Their limited successes here in the U.S. and elsewhere has led to even greater tantrums from them?thus the well-orchestrated Climate Strike and Extinction Rebellion protests.

Climate Feedback ? Phenomenon that enhances global warming (positive feedback) or suppresses global warming (negative feedback), the sign of which is still unknown as it relates to the climate of the real world. It…

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