Lone Star Losers: Wind Power Collapses During Texan Heatwave & Power Prices Rocket


Star non-performers in the Lone Star State.

No one cares much about electricity, until they don’t have it. For the best part of a century, proles in the industrialised world have enjoyed electricity on the same terms as running water; ubiquitous, cheap and always available.

Infrastructure interruptions during electrical storms and wild weather aside, electricity has been generated and delivered on demand for generations.

Not anymore.

These days the prospects of having power on demand no longer depends upon good management and good engineering, it’s down to good luck and the right kind of weather. ‘Goldilocks’ wind speeds which are ‘just right’ – neither too slow nor too fast.

In the height of summer, breathless 42°C days see power demand spike as households and businesses crank up their air conditioners, simultaneous with which wind power output becomes a nonevent.

Sunset, of course, renders all those millions of shiny solar panels…

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