A Green And Pleasant Land

Iowa Climate Science Education

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

In England there was a recent partial collapse of the Whaley Bridge Dam. Of course, this couldn?t have been from, oh, I don?t know, bad construction or bad reservoir water-level management ?

So naturally, the UK media is full of scary headlines.

The Whaley Bridge dam collapse is terrifying ? but it will soon be dwarfed by far greater eco-disasters

Increasingly volatile weather due to climate change will mean events like these will become the norm. Unless we act to reduce our carbon emissions now.

Yeah, right ?this totally ignores the facts that nobody has shown any correlation between rainfall and CO2 levels, and that climate models are notoriously bad at predicting precipitation ? but I digress.

So I thought I?d take a look at the ?increasingly volatile? rainfall that they are claiming. Here, from the good folks at the Hadley Centre, is the…

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