Delingpole: Boris Johnson’s Looming Wind Disaster

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From Breitbart



by James Delingpole 12 Aug 2019

Boris Johnson?s government is shuffling towards a gigantic cliff edge which has nothing to do with Brexit. The looming disaster can be summed up in one word: renewables.

The clue came in the form of the widespread power cuts that Britain experienced at the end of last week. A million people were affected, with rail services disrupted and passengers stuck on trains for many hours.

Quickly the Establishment propaganda machine cranked into gear. This was, a National Grid spokesman told us, a ?very, very rare event?. Also, he reassured us ? classic distraction technique, this ? there was ?no malicious intent or cyberattack involved.?

OK then. So what did cause this blackout which, as Richard North rightly says here, was a national ?disgrace? and ?the sort of thing we expect in train-wreck economies such as Venezuela??

Well the…

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