August 13, 1936

Iowa Climate Science Education

On this date in 1936 (with CO2 at 310 PPM) it was 119 degrees in Kansas and 117 degrees in Nebraska. Seven states were over 110 degrees, twenty were over 100 degrees, and all but three were over 90 degrees.

Imagine the mass hysteria if we had weather that hot now. Climate scientists would declare 100% certainty that this could not happen at lower CO2 levels.

Average temperature around the US was 93 degrees. What I find remarkable in the graph below is how every year from 1933 to 1940 had extremely hot weather on this date.

State	        August 13, 1936 Highest Temperature (F)
Kansas	        119
California	118
Nebraska	117
Oklahoma	116
Arizona	        115
Texas	        114
Missouri	112
Iowa	        109
Arkansas	107
South Dakota	107
Illinois	106
Colorado	105
Indiana	        105
New Mexico	105
Louisiana	104
Kentucky	101
Mississippi	101
Ohio	        101
Michigan	100
Tennessee	100
Utah	        100

13 Aug…

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