Enforce rules against false and misleading organic claims

Iowa Climate Science Education

More sustainable? “In reality, organic crops require more land, water, hand weeding, chemicals and expense to generate the same amount of food.”
– Paul Driessen

“Over the past three decades, under supposed supervision by the US Food and Drug Administration and other government regulatory agencies, the organic food industry expanded from less than $4 billion in revenue in 1997  into a $52.5-billion-a-year (2018) behemoth – in part by blatantly ignoring rules that prohibit companies from making unproven,  unsubstantiated, deceptive and blatantly false claims about its products, and about conventional and biotech (GE or GMO) products,” writes Paul Driessen. “Companies in other industries have been sent Warning Letters, fined, or told to cease marketing their products until they end their false advertising claims. But not Big Organic.”

“Organic producers and sellers claim they use “no toxic persistent chemicals,” for example; that biotech foods threaten human health and the environment; that…

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