Consumer Revolt: No One Wants to Pay for ‘Inevitable’ Wind & Solar Transition


People are happier spending other people’s money rather than their own. So it is when it comes to bearing the staggering cost of our ‘inevitable’ transition to an all wind and sun powered future.

In a monumental RE marketing back-fire the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University has uncovered the rather troubling fact that the vast majority of Americans are not willing to fork out a single cent of their own money to cover the phenomenal cost of pursuing the (mythical) promise of a switch to wind and solar.

50% of Americans don’t want to spend *even one more dollar* on renewables
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
19 July 2019

Who wants to pay more for electricity? All around the world conservative politicians are afraid to campaign against the cost of renewables. So here comes yet another survey showing a huge voter group sits there unrecognized, invisible…

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