Answer to a whigmaleerie about temperature feedback

Iowa Climate Science Education

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Some days ago, a prolix, inspissate whigmaleerie was posted here ? a gaseous halation, an unwholesome effluvium, an interminable and obscurantist expatiation purporting to cast doubt upon my team?s conclusion that official climatology has misdefined and misapplied feedback and has thus made a mountain out of a molehill, approximately tripling the true midrange rate of global warming we can expect our sins of emission to engender.


We define emission temperature R as the 255 K global mean surface temperature that would obtain on Earth at today?s solar irradiance and albedo but before any greenhouse gases have entered the atmosphere and before any feedback begins to operate; B as the feedback response in Kelvin to R; E, the sum of R and B, as the equilibrium temperature that would prevail after feedback has responded to emission temperature; ?R as the 10 K…

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