Quantifying Heatwave Hysteria

Iowa Climate Science Education

Lots of news about record heat in the Midwest.

The Union of Concerned Scientists says that heat is going to make the Midwest become unlivable in future decades.

Let’s see how their claims compare with reality. Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer in the Midwest. The peak temperature was 97 degrees, and the average temperature was 91.7 degrees.

Compare vs. July 14, 1936 when Illinois and Indiana were 114 degrees, Iowa and Wisconsin were 113 degrees, Missouri was 112 degrees, Minnesota and Ohio were 110 degrees, and Michigan was a nice, cool 108 degrees. Average temperature in the Midwest was 106 degrees – more than fourteen degrees warmer than this year’s hottest day.

The graph plots the average Midwest temperature for every July day since 1895.  The hottest day of 2019 was about six degrees above the median July temperature of 85 degrees.

The hottest day of 2019…

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