Leaked Report: WWF-Backed Guards Raped Pregnant Women And Tortured Villagers

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The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is keeping evidence of brutal crimes under wraps — including the gang rape and torture of pregnant women by rangers backed by the charity at a national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The closing ceremony for the retraining of rangers at Salonga National Park. – Eriksson / WWF DRC / Via salonga.org

This is Part 4 of a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Part 1: WWF Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People
Part 2: Leaked Report Shows WWF Was Warned Years Ago Of “Frightening” Abuses
Part 3: WWF Says Indigenous People Want This Park — But An Internal Report Reveals Fears Of Ranger “Repression.”

A confidential report commissioned by the global megacharity and the Congolese government, and obtained by BuzzFeed News, includes testimony that rangers from Salonga National Park whipped and raped four women carrying fish by a river. Two of…

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