Climate Revolution – The Grand Solar Minimum – Great new book

Iowa Climate Science Education

The ADAPT 2030 Climate Revolution book by David DuByne is finished, 220 pages about the Grand Solar Minimum, how the Sun drives our climate in mappable patterns, and the problems we face moving from 2019 through 2035. The last half of the book is about solutions we can all use to prepare for the inevitable shift in society.

The Climate Revolution e-book is a ‘Must Read’ for understanding our Sun-driven climate as we progress deeper into the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Weather extremes leading to global food scarcity and high food prices are here now, and this book describes the expected changes, how to survive & thrive during future challenging times with practical preparations.

It is an electronic only interactive version with 250+ hyperlinks out to sites, information repositories and design plans to implement solutions and double check the information presented on how the Sun drives Earth’s climate.


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