Trump Slams Wind Power: Making America Great Again Means Coal, Gas & Nuclear Power


Teenage girls in woolly hats weren’t the only ones screaming when Donald Trump took the presidency, the wind and solar industries were furious, too.

Trump has never been a fan of the wind industry, not least because of his battle with a wind developer keen on spearing 11 of these things next to a golf course he owns in Scotland.

When Trump took control of the White House renewable energy rent seekers must have known their days of endless subsidies were numbered. Just like everywhere else, the wind and solar ‘industries’ in the US wouldn’t exist without Renewable Portfolio Standards, mandates, targets and other subsidies. And those policies in turn depend on the USA’s commitment to UN mandated targets for reducing carbon dioxide gas emissions.

Well-aware that making America great again, depends upon maintaining reliable and affordable power, Donald Trump gave the two fingered salute to the Paris Agreement, soon…

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