“Unity is Our Power,” Party of Divisive Identity Politics Divides America to Unify their Party

CO2 is Life

Identify Politics Backlash; Democrats have run out of republican children to feed the Racist Alligator and it is feeding time. 

Ocasio-Cortez calls Pelosi’s ‘singling out’ of Democratic women of color ‘disrespectful’ (Source)

AOC’s chief of staff deletes tweet attacking Blue Dog Caucus as ‘New Southern Democrats’ (Source)

Gabbard hits Harris for ‘false accusation that Joe Biden is a racist’ (Source)

When the only unifying factor is a lust for power for power’s sake, there is no unity. Once the Democrats were to take power they would simply turn on themselves like all lefts do. Leftist revolutions always eat their own because it isn’t about a positive vision, it is about trying to satiate the insatiable lust for power that losers…

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