Projecting a near-term reversion to an “Ice Time”

Iowa Climate Science Education

Due to cover 70% of Earth’s habitable landmasses with ice sheets two miles thick.


Projecting a near-term reversion to an “Ice Time”

Lloyd Martin Hendaye

In October 2018, Russian researcher Valentina Zharkova presented her Climate – Solar Magnetic Field (C-SMF) correlation model to Britain’s Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). So much for “consensus”: Nine months later, out of 150 models Zharkova’s was one of only two correctly predicting that Solar Cycle 24 (serialized from 1755) would prove much weaker than Cycle 23 (ended December 2008, 12.3 years from August 1995).

Not only does Mde. Zharkova’s work make nonsense of hyper-politicized Green Gang “anthropogenic warming”, but from December 2017 Australian researcher Robert Holmes’ peer-reviewed Molar Mass Version of the Ideal Gas Law has definitively refuted any possible CO2 connection to climate variations: Where GAST Temperature T = PM/Rp, any planet’s near-surface global Temperature derives from its Atmospheric Pressure P times…

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