Watch: Sky News Eco Propaganda Gets Ratioed on Twitter

Iowa Climate Science Education

By Paul Homewood


Dellers on the latest climate guff from Sky News:



Only 400 retweets at the time of writing – but 1,500 comments, mostly from Twitter users aghast that a vaguely reputable news channel should squander its resources on the kind of eco-tosh so fantastically lame it might have been scripted by a 16-year old autistic kid in pigtails.


Headlined ‘Our carbon debt’, the short video tries to reposition the Industrial Revolution – the single greatest leap in living standards in the history of the world – as a terrible mistake for which we should now make amends.

It begins:

Then it shows how much various countries including Britain, the USA, and, latterly, China have contributed to global CO2 output in the years since.

Fortunately, not many of the people watching this outrageous guff appear to be convinced that the revolution which brought higher life expectancy…

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