Listening to climate doomsters makes our situation worse

Iowa Climate Science Education

Summary: Climate science shows how America assimilates information, assesses threats, and allocate resources. We do it poorly. Doomsters are part of the problem. We can make the climate policy debate better informed and less divisive by ignoring doomsters.

Nightmare, girl alone in a destroyed worldNightmare, girl alone in a destroyed world

ID 115221206 Gunold | Dreamstime.

James Anderson (Prof of Atmospheric Chemistry at Harvard) gave a speech. It fed the daily doomster news from the Left. ?There Is No Time Left? by Robert Hunziker at Counterpunch. Journalist Jeff McMahon, presented it at Forbes as yet another in the endless series of deadlines: ?We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change.? (see lists of such deadlines going back many years: here, here, here). But, as usual, Grist went into deep clickbait.

Professor Anderson believes that we have only 55 months left to ?fix climate change? or we will go extinct. Some of the predictions…

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