Callous Carnage: Wind Industry Slicing & Dicing Threatened Bird & Bat Species With Impunity


The latest meme amongst climate alarmists is that the rate of species extinction is running rampantly out-of-control. So dire are the warnings that, if they materialise, we’ll be lucky if we get to spot any kind of critter crawling the earth, in a decade or two.

However, there wouldn’t be much sport in criticising hysterical – the-sky-is-falling – twaddle, if it wasn’t bound up with a healthy dose of high-handed hypocrisy.

This is the same crowd that constantly berate us with their belief that only windmills and solar panels can save us from imminent global incineration and, by corollary, prevent the endangered from becoming extinct.

Well, it turns out that the purported panacea to the planet’s perceived ills is doing a pretty fair job of eradicating the last remaining examples of certain of our avian accomplices, all by itself.

Here’s a trifecta from India, Luxembourg and the US.

Wind farms…

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