The great hundred billion dollar+ renewable energy fleecing of American taxpayers & energy users

Iowa Climate Science Education

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The colossal magnitude of renewable energy federal and state government driven subsidies, taxes and higher energy cost impacts has never been systematically revealed to the American public but has instead been secreted away from view by those enjoying the huge financial benefits of this monumental largesse.

The staggering negative financial impacts foisted upon Americans that are associated with all forms of renewable energy flow directly from government mandates, taxes, subsidies and higher cost consequences of an array of outrageously flawed political dictates that falsely claim to offer improved outcomes for the ?climate? versus the continued use of fossil fuel energy resources.

These politically contrived and totally absurd ?better for the climate? claims are a complete fraud that is easily exposed by addressing the indisputable fact that any reductions in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are irrelevant to both the growth and absolute levels of global greenhouse…

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