Shutting down middle and blue-collar America

Iowa Climate Science Education

“Modern factories, offices, hospitals, schools, households and cities cannot function or survive on starvation energy diets.”
– Paul Driessen

“Anti-fossil fuel policies rooted in climate change alarmism find ready acceptance in many coastal, urban, academic, media and big government circles,” writes Driessen. “But factory workers, blue collar families and Middle America had better pay very close attention to how Green New Deal programs will impact their energy costs and reliability, jobs, living standards, mobility and personal choices.”

“Unfortunately, politicians, activists and companies that expect to benefit politically or financially from mandated energy upheavals have become adept at promoting scare stories about manmade global warming and magical renewable energy solutions to the “climate crisis.” No sooner is one debunked than another dozen take its place. Helping to drive the twin narratives, billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving the Sierra Club and other activist groups $500 million…

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