New Study: U.S. East Coast Has GROWN +5 cm/year Since 1960 After Eroding -55 cm/year During 1830-1956

Iowa Climate Science Education

Despite reports of relatively high regional rates of sea level rise, the Atlantic Coast of the United States has actually been expanding in recent decades after rapidly shrinking prior to the 1960s.

A 2001 Salon magazine “terror in the skies” alarmism article featured a Dr. James Hansen late-1980s prediction that New York City’s West Side Highway would be underwater within 20 years.

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Of course the West Side Highway is not underwater today.

Nor does it appear that there have been any detectable changes to its shoreline position since 1936.

In fact, outside the realm of popularized alarmism, it is well known that geological processes are more determinative of relative sea level changes than climate factors contributing to sea level rise or fall (i.e., glacier melt or advance).

Piecuch et al. (2018) concluded “the majority of large-scale spatial variation in long-term rates of relative sea-level rise…

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