Media Scepticism About Theresa May’s Net-Zero Target Is Just The Beginning

Iowa Climate Science Education

The UK is unlikely to meet the current target of 80 per cent cuts by 2030 yet is introducing an even more ambitious target which the Treasury estimates will cost £1 trillion.

Politicians are making a habit of introducing legally binding climate change targets that they then leave to others to deliver. As one of her “legacy” policies, Theresa May has authorised a new and binding 2050 carbon-free deadline which has had campaigners purring with delight. This is historic, they say. The UK is a beacon to the rest of the world.

Reducing carbon emissions as part of global efforts to reduce warming is a legitimate policy that has seen considerable cuts in recent years and more investment in renewables. But as we shut down fossil fuel-burning industries and replace them with imported products, all we are doing is exporting those emissions to countries that are not making similar reductions…

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