75 Conservative Groups Oppose ‘Any Carbon Tax’ Days After Mitt Romney Was Reportedly ‘Looking At’ One

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Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor

  • Dozens of conservative groups signed an open letter opposed to ?any carbon tax? bill that Congress might consider.
  • The letter comes after Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney told reporters he was ?looking at? a carbon tax bill.
  • ?A carbon tax increases the cost of everything Americans buy and lowers Americans? effective take home pay,? conservative groups wrote.

Seventy-five conservative groups signed a public letter to Congress opposing ?any carbon tax? days after reports that Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney openly considered backing carbon tax bill.

?We oppose any carbon tax,? conservative groups, led by Americans for Tax Reform, wrote in their letter, which was published online Monday morning.

While the letter is not specifically aimed at Romney, it?s meant to warn Republicans that their conservative base is not in favor of taxing carbon dioxide emissions. (RELATED: Mike Bloomberg Devotes $500 Million To Ending Coal…

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