The Enterprise behind the Steele Dossier

Iowa Climate Science Education

Apelbaum, Mechanics of Deception (March 2018) deserves to be read in full. It describes little known connections between the authors, promoters, and customers of the “Steele dossier”. Some take outs (emphasis is mine):

Steele’s Orbis Business Intelligence is a smear shop like Fusion GPS

rather than a private intelligence firm. From its self-description:

In 2011 before the dossier affair blow up, they were also promoting their surveillance, psychological warfare expertise, and influence operations capabilities which included services such as: 

    • Creating public opinion groundswells
    • Delivering targeted political media campaigns

Liar and charlatan Steele has been promoted by Orbis’ own contractors

Luke Harding, an Orbis contractor and Guardian reporter, mythologized his boss Steele as a super-spy, and create a halo of credibility around him and his dossier. He neither disclosed that he worked for Steele, nor that Ambassador Wood, who also praised Steel, did. Harding’s articles, published within days after the…

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