Merkel Expert Requests 10H Turbine Setback Rule, Would Seriously Obstruct Wind Energy Expansion

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Online German business daily Handelsblatt here reported last month that leading German energy expert Jens Koeppen of Angela Merkel’s CDU party is calling for “drastic” permitting rules when it comes to installing wind turbines.

Wind turbine towers over German landscape. Photo: P Gosselin

The proposed rules would make a number of proposed wind projects impossible.

Currently a work group that is focused on acceptance and made up of members from the coalition parties is trying to figure out a way to get around the rapidly growing protests against more wind turbines, whose erection are deforesting and industrializing large swaths of Germany’s idyllic landscape.

Traditional environmentalists and conservationists are livid over the environmental destruction and health risks posed by wind parks.

Protests have become formidable, and as reported yesterday here, Germany’s expansion of wind energy has literally ground to a halt as a result and has thus angered climate…

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