Greta & Her Parents: Not Hysterical, But Fanatic

Iowa Climate Science Education

A German psychiatrist has read the Thunbergs’ book, observed her climate movement and finds it’s all about fanaticism: “utopian character of demands”…inability to engage in dialogue and compromise”.

Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Wolfgang Meins, neuropsychologist and professor of psychiatry, penned an article recently published at German libertarian site which looks at Greta Thunberg, her parents and the Green movement she has helped to propel. The title of the article: Greta and her parents – not hysterical, but fanatic.

Prof. Meins read Thunberg’s German language book: Szenen aus dem Herzen and believes Thunberg and her movement are all about climate fanaticism and not climate hysteria. He also warns that politicians need to sober up and face the fanaticism for what it is.

Rooted in obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism

Meins writes that one special characteristic of fanatics is their “inability to engage in dialogue and compromise,”…

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