Could Dengue Spread in a Warming World?

Iowa Climate Science Education

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen

featured_image_denguefeatured_image_dengueA new paper in nature microbiology makes the following statement:

?Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that has spread throughout the tropical world over the past 60 years and now affects over half the world?s population. The geographical range of dengue is expected to further expand due to ongoing global phenomena including climate change and urbanization.?

The paper, ?The current and future global distribution and population at risk of dengue?[Messina2019 ] is open source and available as a .pdf here. As required by the Editorial Narrative of the NY Times regarding all things climatic, our ever-hard-working NY Times journalist, Kendra Pierre-Louis, was tasked with spreading the gloom.

If you don?t know what Dengue Fever is you obviously have not traveled to the Caribbean or South or Central America recently, where dengue is endemic and epidemic.

?Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne…

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